Schedule for the rally on Friday September 12, 2014

9am – Participants begin assembling at Lafayette Park at the northern lawn of the White House

10am – Rally starts

11am – Begin the march route from the White House to the US Capitol.

1pm – Participants begin assemble at Area #9 at the eastern face of the US Capitol.

2pm – Speeches begin

3pm – Rally ends. Participants visit their Senators and Representatives offices


***Participants will bring their own water and lunch***


Directions for the march route per the National Park Service, the Metropolitan Police Department, and the US Capitol Police Department:

v East on Pennsylvania Avenue NW from Lafayette Park toward to 15th St., NW

v    South onto 15th St., NW to the Washington Monument

v    East onto Madison Drive, NW to the gravel pathway on the National Mall

v    East on the gravel pathway on the National Mall to the US Capitol

v East on the gravel pathway on the Mall to Third Street, NW

v Cross Third Street, NW to the east sidewalk; Entering Capitol Grounds

v North on Third Street, NW to Pennsylvania Ave, NW

v Southeast on Pennsylvania Ave, NW to First Street, NW

v North on First Street to Constitution Ave, NW

v Crossing Constitution Ave to the north sidewalk of Constitution Ave, NW

v East on the north sidewalk of Constitution Ave to First Street, NE

v South on First Street, NE to Senate East Front –Area 9



One thought on “Directions/Route

  1. Kieth ,
    Keep up the great work and keep me in the loop.USMC league meets second Tue. of month at Amvets on the east side of Frederick near the end of Patrick Street before it curves at a 3 way intersection.Perhaps they would participate in the march? Tommy Grunwell is past comander of that division.
    DAve Riordan


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