To Celebrate Legislation Supporting a Department of Defense Demonstration Program

For the Accession to Active Duty of Deaf and Hard of Hearing Individuals


S. 1864 Introduced by Senator Tom Harkin (IA) and H.R. 5296 Introduced by Congressman Mark Takano (CA)


Friday September 12, 2014 Starting at Lafayette Park to the US Capitol

*Find the directions and routes of the Rally in the Rally sub-menu!*


With thanks to Senator Tom Harkin and Congressman Mark Takano, we would like to announce the introduction of legislation that would provide for a demonstration program for deaf and hard of hearing Americans to enter active duty and training to be officers in the United States Air Force.


These proposed pieces of legislation will provide an opportunity for deaf and hard of hearing Americans to serve in the military following three of our government’s core policies for people with disabilities: to grow employment, cultural diversity, and technology.


The demonstration program will allow the Department of Defense to explore and discover potential benefits that may be attributed to having deaf and hard of hearing active personnel serving within the ranks.


Furthermore, the demonstration program will help inform the rehabilitation processes for current soldiers, sailors, and airmen who have had their hearing damaged during active duty, and thereby support improved retention, replacement, and attrition of today’s active and reserve component service members.  Hearing loss is the number one disability in the military today and its incidence increases 13-18% every year- significantly contributing to demand for services to be provided by the Veterans Administration.


Please attend the rallies and lend your full support and to make the passage of this legislation a top Congressional priority for Americans with disabilities, for our Country, and for our past, present, and future military personnel!



*Find the directions and routes of the Rally in the Rally sub-menu!*


4 thoughts on “RALLY

  1. I am deaf soldier in SC State Guard unit is Provost Marshland Datechment of MP one year and half still now.

    My goal join US Army Reserve


  2. If
    .+ Deaf/Hard of Hearing can join the military the economy will improve because then the Deaf/Hard of Hearing won’t have to depend on SSI or SSDI for their income and with Deaf/Hard of Hearing joining the military and have better eyes to get the job done. Also most military become police officers and with that being said if we have Deaf/Hard of Hearing in with military and police it will help a lot of the Deaf/Hard of Hearing communities.


  3. I am Deaf and I know about the law and I have experience in mechanic to work on diesel trucks. My grandfather served in the military and I want to serve my country like he did and when I die and be buried in the National Cemetery where my grandfather is.
    I have dreamed and want to join the military since I was a kid, but because Deaf people couldn’t join I felt that my dream was taken away because I am the only boy in my family and couldn’t carry on the generation of serving in the military because I am Deaf.


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