Commission Cadet Nolan Now!
cadet nolan
 It’s time for the next wall to collapse: let deaf soldiers serve their country in the US Military!


Keith Nolan wants the opportunity to follow in the steps of his grandfather and great uncles by entering the US Army in a noncombat role. He was denied because he is deaf. But there have been instances of deaf soldiers throughout America’s history, and there are disabled US Soldiers still on active duty. Deaf Israeli citizens can volunteer for their country, so why not deaf Americans?

Keith left his job as a teacher of high school students so he could pursue this goal by participating in the Army ROTC at CSUN and UCLA, earning rankings near the top of his class including the German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge and the Daughters of Founders and Patriots of America Ribbon. However, on 05.06.11 he was compelled to turn his ROTC uniform in without a commission into the Army.

Help him achieve his goal of a commission by showing your support and following him!


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  1. Hi, my name is cadet 1Lt. Morris and executive officer of Delta company at Philadelphia Military Academy. I’m also hearing impaired and have a sign language interpreter for classes. Still, I’m able to speak and hear enough with the help of hearing aids. To hear about this, I think it’s really inspiring, and motivating.


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